A VERY special event

At last, Nakai Hiromu is to get a commemorative stone in Kyoto!

On March 29th 2009 at one o’ clock in the afternoon in Kiyamachi Street、just south of Sanjo St., the unveiling ceremony will take place.

The stone will be placed somewhere outside the bar ‘Ryoma’ in Kiyamachi Street. It marks the spot where Nakai Hiromu lived for a short time during the end of the Bakumatsu period. Why bother telling the world that? Well, the stone will also mark the spot where Ryoma’s wife Oryo lived before she was married to Ryoma, so it is kind of killing two birds with one stone (excuse the pun) so to speak. 🙂

Incidentally, the event will also mark the 2nd anniversary of the Ryoma bar, so the day is going to be a full one, which I am rather looking forward to! If you are in Kyoto and not busy, please come out to see it!


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