Some recent occurrances

March 25th, 2009, Cloudy and windy.

I got all excited today because I found some photographs of Nakai Hiromu on the Internet that I had not known about previously. The photographs are in the “Izeki collection”, and can be viewed here:

Nakai photos in the Izeki Collection (Photo no. 20, 104, and 105)

Seeing Nakai in Japanese dress (photo no. 20) was nice because he is more usually portrayed in western dress. He is the one in the middle at the back . Also in the picture is Yamaguchi Naoyoshi (1839-1894), a samurai from the domain of Saga who joined the famous Iwakura Mission on a tour around the world. Tanaka Moriaki (1843-?) is second from the left, and he is one of the Satsuma students who travelled secretly to Britain in 1865. Ueno Kagenori (1845-1888) is second on the right. He was a well-known scholar of English from Satsuma and became the Japanese minister for Britain. Finally, on the far-right is Komatsu Tatewaki (1835-1870) the famous samurai from Satsuma who is recently gaining much attention in Japan after the airing of the NHK period drama Atsuhime. Also, the picture of Nakai Hiromu sat next to a women (photo no. 104) was intriguing. She looks very stern; I wonder, who she could be? The description at the bottom tells us the picture was taken in London in Meiji 2 (1869) after he had finished working for the Foreign Department, so it was taken on his second visit to London.  I think however, that he looks his most “dashing” in photo no. 105, again which was taken in London.

March 26th, 2009, glorious Spring weather!

I had a little bit of time in between tasks today so I cycled into Kiyamachi as the weather gave me my first real feeling of Spring of the year. The blossoms have just started to come out a little along Kiyamachi. My reason for going there was to take a photograph of the pre-unveiled stone I mentioned in my last blog entry that informs passers-by that Nakai Hiromu and Sakamoto Ryoma’s wife Oryo lived around that area. Here’s the picture (the stone and plaque are still covered up in white tape waiting for the unveiling on the 29th):

An as yet veiled stone

A still covered stone


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