New Publication on Nakai Hiromu!

Mr. Yashiki Shigeo has published his long-awaited definitive work on his great ancestor, Nakai Hiromu. Self published through a Tokyo-based publishing company called Gentosha Rennaisance, this work goes into great detail about Nakai Hiromu’s life. Much new and previously unpublished information about Nakai’s life abounds in this truly excellent work.

I intend to write a fuller review in the near future, but for the time being, I would just like to get word out about the book. You can purchase a copy via of course, as well as other online bookstores.

The author, Mr. Yashiki, came to Kyoto last weekend. I arranged to meet him at the Ryoma bar in Kiyamachi in order to express my congratulations on his publication. He was accompanied by several other members of the Yokoyama/Nakai clan. What a great honour it was for me to meet them all! History is really brought to life on such occassions. Nakai Hiromu is not just some old character from the history books. He was a real, living and breathing person, and meeting his descendents really reminded me of the fact.

Watch this space for my review of Mr. Yashiki’s book in future!


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