Where to find me on SNS

For anyone interested, just quickly:

I have started using Twitter again. I gave up on my last account because I wasn’t using it much, but having switched to a smartphone (and very smart they are too!) I figured it may become more useful. The recent earthquake in the Tohoku region has also encouraged me to make use of Twitter as it seems a good way to let people know that I’m safe in this quake-prone land.

You can find me on Twitter here: http://twitter.com/#!/eleanoracr I plan on “tweeting” in both English and Japanese.

In addition, whilst I’m on the subject of SNS, if you are a Mixi user, you can also find me here: http://mixi.jp/show_profile.pl?id=3936686

On LinkedIn I’m here:


And on Academia I’m here:


With globalisation (or, globalization, take your pick) becoming evermore relevant to our world, the social networking sites have become an indispensable element for bringing us all together, so I look forward to connecting with you!

All the best,

Eleanor@you don’t have to be religious to say a prayer for Japan


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